5 Reasons Thai Educators Shouldn’t Miss the Bett Asia EdTech Expo in Bangkok This Year



The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a number of fundamental changes in our way of life, including in the way we learn. Online education, which was previously only available to a select few, has suddenly become the norm everywhere. This shows how educational technology, or EdTech, has been an important key that enables learning despite lockdowns and disruptions. It opens up new possibilities for delivering education on a large scale. With EdTech, educational institutions are able to adopt models that can withstand disruption. Moreover, it raises their standards of learning outcomes.

In the post-pandemic world, classrooms must change and make room for technology-assisted curricula that will go hand-in-hand with traditional lesson plans. This change has, of course, its share of challenges. This is why it is important for educators to adapt to new teaching methods and become familiar with EdTech. And just when educators and teachers need to transform the way they teach, Bett Asia is coming to Thailand with an EdTech leadership summit and expo for educators nationwide.

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The Bett Asia Leadership Summit & Expo will take place on October 11-12, 2022 at the Athenee Hotel, Bangkok. It invites education professionals from across Thailand to explore and experience the latest tools, technologies and resources intended to revolutionize the learning environment and improve students’ experiences in the classroom. Additionally, an exciting line-up of speakers will discuss and demonstrate various topics and ideas around EdTech.

Besides discussions, there will also be classroom theater to showcase the latest innovative solutions that are revolutionizing teaching and learning and enabling creative learning experiences to engage all students.

Introducing the general theme of Bett Asia 2022

As the education community looks beyond the immediate crisis response to ensure learning never stops, the overarching theme for Bett 2022 is “Education as a Catalyst for Change”. In addition, six themes will feature under the overall theme of ‘education as a catalyst for change’. These include leadership, well-being, inclusion, future, skills and innovation. These themes will structure the two full days of content at the Bett Asia Leadership Summit & Expo, allowing education stakeholders to discuss their key concerns and goals.

Why Thai Educators Shouldn’t Miss the Bett Asia EdTech Leadership Summit and Expo

Here are the reasons why this year’s Bett Asia Leadership Summit & Expo is too good to miss.

1. Learn how to reinvent your classroom with digital learning EdTech

Bett Asia Summit and Expo, an EdTech summit and expo

PHOTO: Bett Asia

Bett Asia Leadership Summit & Expo 2022 will host some of APAC’s brightest voices in education. They will equip you with the knowledge and skills to harness technology to transform your classroom and improve learning outcomes for all learners. You can hear from experts and practitioners about how we should rethink pedagogy in the broader context of the EdTech ecosystem, as well as the well-being of the school community as a whole, while ensuring a supply of sustainable, high-quality distance education and equitable access for all. students. Bett Asia is also proud to welcome Chandran Nair, Founder and CEO of Global Institute For Tomorrow, who will explain why the future is organic and not digital and how the next chapter of human consciousness and development will require bold innovations in the education.

2. Start building AI skills in students

We live in a time of change where artificial intelligence (AI) has become more mainstream. That’s why it’s essential that educators prepare students for an AI-enabled world and successfully harness its potential. But to do this, educators must first understand how AI works and how to use it properly. At Bett Asia Leadership Summit & Expo 2022, you will get a glimpse of hands-on learning of AI applications that can be used in schools, colleges, universities and training centers in Jerry Tan from Lattel Robotics.

3. Get up-to-date educational resources from tech brands

5 Reasons Thai Educators Shouldn't Miss Bett Asia in Bangkok This Year |  News by Thaiger

PHOTO: Bett Asia

In the exhibition and the summit you can get acquainted with the latest technologies. Plus, you can also experience cutting-edge products from tech superpowers including Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, and Zoom. Senior experts from these top brands will also share their vision and approach to driving the future of technology in education. Larry Nelson, Microsoft, for example, will discuss how today’s landscape can support accelerating education transformation in meaningful and impactful ways.

4. Get insight into cutting-edge EdTech innovations from the latest startups

Learn about emerging innovations within the EdTech sector from regional and international experts. Brand new for 2022, Bett Asia is excited to launch its first ever Bett Asia Startup Contest. Produced in collaboration with SuperCharger Ventures, the competition will reward the best in the EdTech startup space in Asia. Additionally, it showcases cutting-edge innovations that are fueling change in education in the region.

5. Meet industry peers in the region

Bett Asia Summit and Expo, an EdTech summit and expo

PHOTO: Bett Asia

Participating in the Bett Asia Leadership Summit & Expo means taking advantage of exclusive networking opportunities. It’s not every day that you’ll meet and greet inspiring education experts, government officials, and world-class brands who are leading the way in education transformation. Additionally, the summit and expo also provide a space for educators from across the region to come together. So you can connect, exchange ideas and inspire each other.

So, are you excited to be part of the Bett Asia Leadership Summit & Expo? Click on HERE to register and come together with other educators and experts to celebrate what’s happening in the EdTech space and how to implement it in area schools. And if you want to get all the latest updates on Bett Asia 2022 in Bangkok, click on HERE.


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