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This new project follows two other very successful ones. The first two Pathways programs covered 2016-2019 and 2019-2022. This current cohort is in the research internship phase where students must apply for graduate programs in the fall of 2022.

“Our enthusiasm for this project is driven by the enthusiasm that students have shown for the program over the years,” González said. “For students aspiring to graduate school or enter the academy as a faculty member, the program aims to demystify every step of the process by making the hidden doctoral agenda visible. itinerary.”

Previous scholars have entered doctoral programs with a better understanding of what to expect, which helps adapt to workload demands and the nuances of the academic environment. The program also emphasizes critical pedagogy that inspires students to engage with today’s toughest political and cultural issues, he added.

” It is not by chance. Our students shape the program according to their research interests, methodological approaches, and particular programming demands. The Mellon Foundation’s support of this program has a significant impact on students, many of whom are learning about both academia and Latin American studies,” González said.

The program has produced 16 doctorates. students and at least 15 master’s students, one of whom held a Fulbright scholarship in Germany.

Since its inception, the program has consistently achieved the goals set out in the original proposal, which is to expose students from underrepresented groups to doctoral study in the humanities.

González added, “The program has prepared them to compete in an increasingly challenging environment for doctoral acceptance, as well as success in a doctoral program.”


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