Academic and serving officer write new book to help police students


Following national changes to the training process for new police officers, higher education institutions and police forces must ensure that recruits receive a balanced and informed career start.

At the University of Cumbria, the introduction of the National Police Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF) has created a unique partnership that will support police and criminology students across the country.

Police lecturer Iain Stainton, himself a retired officer with over 30 years’ experience, has teamed up with one of his former students, Dr Rob Ewin, who is a Cumbrian officer with overseeing the training of new police recruits in the county, with the couple releasing a new book.

Working closely with PEQF and drawing on their own decades of frontline expertise, the duo’s book – Criminal investigation – aims to help students understand law, politics, research and explanatory texts.

Review the investigation from start to finish, Criminal investigation has several features such as clear learning outcomes, critical thinking exercises, reflective practice exercises, and knowledge checks. They are all learner-centred and aim to achieve the objectives of the PEQF National Learning Outcomes.

Rob, who is a detective sergeant with the Cumbria Constabulary, studied professional policing at the University of Cumbria and went on to postgraduate studies, earning a doctorate last year.

Rob said: “I was trained by Iain early in my career, and being asked to collaborate on this book with him was a huge privilege. I hope this will be of use to new officers and as I am now overseeing the training of new officers in Cumbria I can see how we can use this book as well as the series.

Iain, head of the BSc (Hons) Security, Intelligence & Investigative Practice program at the university, said: “The investigative skills this book explores and explains will be useful to anyone involved in investigations. What was traditionally the role of the police has evolved to include a wide range of positions and people. I hope this book will prove useful to all involved in such roles, equipping them to find out the truth.

The University of Cumbria’s Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership offers a number of police and security programs at its Carlisle and Lancaster campuses.

With its expertise in police education, the university is also one of four higher education institutions that make up the Police Education Consortium, which offers officer degree apprenticeship programs police and degree holder entry programs directly to new police recruits in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire Constabularies. .

Published by Critical Publishing, Criminal investigation is available now. It was edited by retired Chief Superintendent Tony Blockley, Head of Policing at the University of Derby. Criminal investigation is part of The Professional Police Curriculum in Practice, a new series of books that meet the requirements of the new pre-accession police qualifications. Further details are available at


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