Agreement between Fitchburg State and Mount Wachusett Community College will create bridges for teachers


GARDNER — A new transfer agreement between Mount Wachusett Community College and Fitchburg State University will help streamline the transfer process for students pursuing a college or high school education.

Under the terms of the agreement, qualified students enrolled in MWCC’s associate programs in biology, chemistry, or liberal arts and sciences will be able to take three key training courses at Fitchburg State at community college rates. They can then transfer to Fitchburg State as juniors to complete their undergraduate degrees in middle or high school.

“We are excited to work with our partners in Fitchburg State to provide our students with a new educational path,” said Mount Wachusett Community College President James Vander Hooven. “There is an incredible willingness between Mount Wachusett Community College and Fitchburg State to bridge these gaps. Our graduates stay local. It is very important to have this next opportunity to finish their baccalaureate and go to work in our region.

“This agreement will support students by making it easier to transfer between institutions, while helping to fill the need for highly qualified middle and high school teachers,” said Fitchburg State President Richard Lapidus. “Fitchburg State has been a leader in preparing educators since our founding in 1894, and this agreement is just another example of our continued evolution.”

Dean of Liberal Arts, Education, Humanities and Communications at Mount Wachusett, Laurie Occhipinti, said the recently announced pact will open up six transfer pathways for students pursuing careers as secondary educators.

“It makes it very easy for them to transfer so they can come into Fitchburg State as juniors,” she said.

Fitchburg State’s Dean of Education, Nancy Murray, recognized the work of each university department in designing seamless pathways for students. “When these students arrive in Fitchburg State, they will be ready to go,” she said. “They will feel that sense of belonging that we know is important for student success. »

The pathways will connect qualified students graduating from Mount with associate degrees in biology or chemistry, or liberal arts and sciences, will be accepted into Fitchburg State’s middle or high school programs in biology (8th to Grade 12), Chemistry (Grades 8-12), English Studies (Grades 5-12), History (Grades 5-12), Interdisciplinary Studies major with an initial Teacher’s License in General Science (Grades 5-8) or intermediate level mathematics (grades 5-8) or mathematics, secondary education (8-12).

Interested students are encouraged to find out more by contacting Mount at or Fitchburg State at


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