Bharat Edtech Initiative Bridges Learning Loss Through EdTech for Over 117,000 Economically Disadvantaged Children


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New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsView)

• Provide efficient and equitable EdTech access to first-generation digital learners

• Anchored by British Asian Trust, GiveIndia, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and Sattva Consulting

The Bharat EdTech initiative has successfully onboarded 117,000 students from disadvantaged families onto their EdTech platform as part of their mission to bridge learning loss. Through efficient and equitable access to EdTech, the initiative provides students with the tools to bridge the learning losses of the past two years when they return to school in April 2022. These results were achieved in ten states within five months of launch. efforts on the ground. Students have the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere in the language of their choice (9 languages).

According to the World Bank, 70% of children live in learning poverty worldwide after the COVID pandemic. Prolonged school closures and poor academic performance have largely contributed to this increase. The Bharat EdTech Initiative (BEI) aims to address these learning losses by making digital learning accessible to all students across India through proven EdTech solutions.

This national initiative is led by four organizations that provide strategic advice on the overall management and delivery of the Initiative. Sattva Consulting is the main anchor of the initiative. The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and British Asian Trust are the main donors, while GiveIndia supports donor relations and fund management.

Speaking about achieving this milestone, Rathish Balakrishnan, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Sattva Consulting, said, “Our efforts to improve student learning outcomes in India have made significant progress over the past two months. . And we are delighted to be able to take this step in such a short time. Through proven EdTech solutions, we aim to continue working to bridge the digital learning gap and unlock the potential of every student.

BEI focuses on reducing learning loss for students aged 9-17 (Grades 1-12) from low-income households with monthly incomes of up to INR 25,000. Through various initiatives such as the Hardware Pilot which provides dedicated learning devices to students, BEI ensures that students have the necessary tools to improve learning levels.

Speaking about BEI’s impact, Prachi Jain Windlass, Director of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation India said, “BEI intends to provide a platform for learning anytime and anywhere beyond and in addition to school-based learning. Our EdTech partners have been selected based on their track record and suitability for the target population. We believe that as the world enters a unique phase of blended learning, resilience and reflection can help EdTech become a catalyst for universal high-quality education.

BEI’s approach to bridging the digital divide is uniquely positioned to impact results at scale across India. The approach uses a unique blend of access, engagement, measurement and learning.

“The Bharat EdTech initiative works with an innovative results-based funding model, working with the three pillars: community, capital and proven products. Using these three pillars, we aim to improve learning outcomes through collective action and effort. We are confident that the initiative will be a resounding success given how Phase 1 unfolds. Beyond Phase I, Bharat EdTech Initiative aims to create an ecosystem of enabling capabilities that would continue engagement on the platform beyond reopening schools through these pillars,” added Abha Thorat Shah, Executive Director, Social Finance at British Asian Trust.

The initiative is a collaboration of 36 partner organizations in the fields of philanthropy, social impact, EdTech, finance, monitoring and evaluation. These organizations support the Bharat EdTech Initiative (BEI) in several capacities and categories, such as fundraising, educational technologies, non-profit organizations, monitoring and evaluation, financial management, marketing communications and program management.

“An innovative, results-based funding model is used by the Bharat EdTech Initiative to generate social impact. By using innovative financing in conjunction with community engagement, BEI aims to improve student learning outcomes across India,” says Sumit Tayal, COO, GiveIndia.

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About Bharat Edtech Initiative (BEI)

The Bharat Edtech initiative aims to bridge the digital divide in education in India. The initiative aims to improve learning outcomes for children from low-income households by leveraging the power of EdTech. By 2025, BEI aspires to enable digital access to 1 million first generation digital learners in India and demonstrate improved learning outcomes. BEI plans to achieve this by ensuring equitable access to effective EdTech solutions at scale. BEI’s goal is to supplement classroom instruction with home-based learning, making it a permanent part of the education of the economically disadvantaged.

We work with partners working in a variety of industries, such as philanthropy, social impact, EdTech, finance, and analytics, who help us bridge learning loss and deliver effective EdTech solutions.

EIB partners

EdTech: Byju’s, ConveGenius, EI, Toppr, Vedantu, Barefoot Education, Claylab,

Dream School Foundation

Association: Barefoot Education, Claylab, Dream School Foundation, GVT

Light of Life Trust, Makkala Jagrithi, Masoom Foundation, Milaan Foundation,

People for Action – Transforming for Schools

Measurement and evaluation: ConveGenius Insights, detailed Ei evaluations,


Donors: Altassian, Aramco, Barclays, Benevity, British Asian Trust, Cipla

Danaher Foundation, Deutsche Telekom, Games 24X7, Goldman Sachs Gives,

Google, Intuit, Matta New York, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, PLT Health Solutions, Punch Foundation

Marketing communications: GnothiSeauton

Fundraising and fund management: GiveIndia

Program Management: Sattva



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