Campus Leaders Celebrate Faculty Achievement of Inclusive and Supportive Learning Certification


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Leaders across campus recently celebrated several U of A faculty members for earning the Association of Colleges and University Educator (ACUE) micro-credential “Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment” this fall. .

Faculty from the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, and Sam M. Walton College of Business all earned the micro-certificate by completing seven modules: Leading the First Day of Class, Promoting a Civilian Learning Environment, ensuring equitable access to learning, helping students stay in school, embracing diversity in your classroom, checking student understanding and providing helpful feedback.

For each week’s module, teachers were encouraged to practice what they learned in a class they are currently teaching and write a reflection on what they learned.

“The ACUE micro-accreditation course has been the best teaching resource I have come across in my 17 years of graduate school,” said Sarah Denison, a teacher in the Department of Communication. “Seeing the faces of some of the best teachers on campus helped me know I was in good company.”

“I felt inspired each week after completing a module, and the course also reinforced the successful practices I already incorporate into my classroom,” she added. “I want my courses to help students reach their potential, and I want their experience here in higher education to make them feel more included and supported along this journey. This course helps facilitate that on our campus.”

At the micro-degree celebration, Acting Chancellor Charles Robinson spoke about the importance of teaching and reminded faculty of the number of students who will be impacted by their participation in this program.

Frank Sesso, ACUE’s director of partnerships success, also credited the U of A for having a 100% microtitle completion rate – something he said he didn’t have. seen for all his time with the ACUE.

He credited this achievement to the dedication of University of Alberta faculty and the facilitation and leadership provided by Deborah Korth, Director of Student Success, Fulbright College, and Lynn Meade, Assistant Professor at the education.

“This program is important because we want our teachers to be equipped to be as successful as possible, and then to help our students reach their full potential as well,” Korth said of his commitment to helping U faculty. of A to complete the micro-certificate.

Korth and Fulbright College piloted the U of A’s partnership with ACUE last year, expanding training and certification options campus-wide this year after a successful first cohort.

Additionally, Korth helped four Fulbright College faculty members become the first at the U of A to earn full ACUE certification last spring.

Full ACUE certification involves earning all four ACUE micro-degrees, including the one in “Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment” that this fall’s cohort just completed, as well as the micro-degrees of ‘Promoting Active Learning’, ‘Inspiring Inquiry and Preparing Lifelong Learners’ and ‘Designing Student-Centred Courses’.

University of Alberta co-host Meade praised this fall’s cohort because “it’s a huge investment of time for our faculty, requiring about two hours of class, then an hour or two working on homework. It says a lot about the importance of teaching on our campus that we have so many people who are committed to improving their teaching skills. »

Teachers recognized at the Fall Celebration for earning the ACUE “Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment” microcredit include:

From the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences

  • Lindsey Aloia
  • Trish Amason
  • Brianna Annaratone
  • Marguerite Boucher
  • Louise Cole
  • Sarah Dennis
  • Claudia Devitch
  • Phil Harrington
  • Lisa Hinrichsen
  • Faith Lessner
  • Danielle Maynard
  • Mahmoud Moradi
  • Alyssa Papineau
  • Perrine Weston
  • Michael Riha
  • Chloe Riggs
  • Kasey Walker
  • Dene Wamsley
  • Liam Zachary

From the Faculty of Engineering

  • Richard Cassady
  • Brandon Crisel
  • Aysa Galbraith
  • Leslie Massy
  • Cameron Murray
  • Lora Streeter
  • Heather Walker

From the Sam M. Walton College of Business

  • chad reed
  • Yujie Sweden
  • JaLynn Thomas
  • Neighborhood Ryane

ACUE provides robust training in line with its mission of partnering with institutions of higher education to prepare, certify, and provide ongoing support to faculty in the use of evidence-based teaching practices that foster student engagement. students, perseverance through graduation, career preparation, and deeper levels of learning.


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