Charles Co. Schools unveil 3-year plan to help students close learning gaps related to pandemic



After the COVID-19 pandemic has kept children out of the classroom for most of the past two years, the Charles County, Md., School district plans to help students fill some of the gaps of their education.

After the COVID-19 pandemic kept children out of class for most of the past two years, the Charles County, Maryland, school district plans to help students fill in some of the gaps in education. their education.

At an education council meeting on Tuesday, representatives from Charles County public schools unveiled a three-year plan that will focus on adding specific education programs that will help bounce back.

It uses a structured, multi-level approach where learning in core subjects, such as math and language arts, will be accelerated. Then, using the performance data tracked in the district’s i-Ready student data collection system, students who need additional instruction will be divided into small groups during the school day.

In a presentation to the board, officials used a 90-minute math block period as an example. Sixty minutes would be used for basic resources and grade level standards, while the remaining 30 minutes would be used for intervention and reinforcement that help children who score below the goal.

Assistant Superintendent Kevin Lowndes highlighted how Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer Elementary School created two programs, Morning STARS for Grades 1 to 5 students and Afterschool SHINE Club as an example of programs that can help underprivileged students. efficient.

The three-year program will also include opportunities for underachieving students to participate in both summer incentive programs, as well as broader summer learning sessions to help them keep up with the program.

The full presentation is available on the school system‘s website.

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