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Chemistry students saw how the raw materials from the Mount Isa mines are refined when Glencore hosted a tour of Townsville Grammar School at its Townsville refinery. On Wednesday, Grade 11 chemistry students and teachers visited Copper Refineries Pty Ltd (CRL), as part of their electrochemistry studies. Townsville Grammar School’s Faculty of Science Director Bianca Battoraro said it was a privilege for students to have the opportunity to gain real exposure to the electrorefining process. “We are very fortunate to have a major industrial operation on our doorstep allowing students to experience an authentic work environment. It gives them a full educational experience where they can ask questions and interact with metallurgists,” said Bianca. While touring the refinery, the students got a glimpse of copper electro-refining on an industrial scale. At the refinery, students saw every step of the process of converting the impure copper anode from the Mount Isa smelter into a 99.995 percent premium copper cathode, which is the last step in the copper production process. . From the refinery, it is transported to customers’ production facilities where it is used in a wide range of products, including electrical wiring, electronics such as televisions, mobile phones and laptops, air conditioners, home heating systems, solar panels, wind turbines, medical equipment and electric vehicle batteries. The students also got to see the company’s new robotic handling and welding technology in action. Copper Refinery Manager Paul Taylor said it is one of the world’s leading electrolysis refineries and was delighted to involve schools and share these educational experiences outside of the room. class. “It’s great that we can give students exposure to our onsite processes so they have the opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like to work in operational areas of the resource industry,” did he declare. “These experiences can open their eyes to the variety of career paths available in our industry, something they may never have considered could now be something they wish to pursue.”



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