Creative Learning Systems awards second place to Oakwood School in Greenville in its annual Learning Is Different Here ™ competition



A SmartLab HQ is a complete STEM lab with technology, learning kits, and an additional math and science curriculum, and, as seen in the award-winning video, it’s a place where learners solve problems. problems, collaborate and persevere.

“The SmartLab headquarters became the focal point of the student survey on campus,†says the school principal. Dan Quesnel. “Students explore their interests, solve problems, and develop skills that will allow them to be successful in jobs that may not even exist yet. All of this is on display in their winning video.”

“When students direct their learning like they do in a SmartLab seat,†says Chris Young, SmartLab facilitator, “their work, passion and effort improves. education, because students take ownership of what they learn.

“Really, learning is different in a SmartLab,†explains Mathis. “We do this by providing students with a reliable process that helps them solve problems. We then create technology-rich learning environments that give learners the tools to apply basic academic concepts to real-world problems. Finally, we offer professional development and strong standards. -An aligned complementary curriculum to help accelerate student learning.

“Our mission is to prepare the students of today to solve the problems of tomorrow,†explains Mathis. “In addition to helping students learn the principles of science, technology, engineering and math, our personalized, project-based approach to learning helps students develop essential 21st century skills such as as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication. “

This year’s Learning Is Different Here competition is the first of its kind. CLS intends to run this competition every year and looks forward to seeing more student stories at SmartLab headquarters across the country.

Watch the award-winning video: The Oakwood School

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Creative Learning Systems has pioneered the conversion of traditional learning environments into project-based learning experiences since 1987.

Today, Creative Learning Systems partners with the country’s most innovative school leaders to deliver personalized, project-based learning experiences and environments that increase a student’s ability through problem solving. engaged, active and social.

Their mission is to ensure that today’s students will be the leaders of tomorrow, prepared and ready to solve the complex challenges of our ever-changing world.


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