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When it comes to brushing against stardom, few have such a good story to tell as Koroit’s Zavier Longmore. The 12-year-old was among the privileged few who attended a zoom meeting with Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. But not only was Zavier on the call, he was well and truly in the thick of it, asking questions of the McLaren team driver. “I asked him what was the fastest speed he had ever driven and how long had he been riding,” Zavier said. The response to the top speed reached by Ricciardo was an impressive 373 km / h. “He (Daniel) was really nice, he was very happy to talk to us. It was great to chat, I really like the hands-on learning and he really cared.” Zavier’s access to Ricciardo came through their mutual involvement in the Hands on Learning program in schools. Hands on Learning was part of Zavier’s sixth year study at Koroit and District Primary School in 2021. He was joined on the Zoom call by a Hands on Learning student from Tasmania and New South Wales, and his mother Camille. Ricciardo is an ambassador for the charity Save the Children, of which the Hands On Learning program is a part. Ricciardo said he came on board as an ambassador because he believed the program’s hands-on approach played an important role in keeping children engaged in school. “As someone who has struggled to stay engaged in school, I am truly delighted to be able to tell my personal story to encourage, inspire and help young people develop the social and emotional skills to succeed and succeed in school, ”said Ricciardo. IN OTHER NEWS: Hands on Learning’s South West tutoring manager Victoria Leon Carey said Ricciardo’s commitment was great news. “It was a fantastic end to a difficult year,” said Mr. Carey. “Hands on Learning students can identify with Daniel with his down-to-earth nature and genuine interest in the program. “Daniel has been very generous with his time (on the Zoom) and we appreciate his commitment to the Hands on Learning program. Hands on Learning is operational in 22 schools in South West Victoria – including elementary, secondary and special schools. There are over 120 schools engaged in the program across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania. Now just one click away with our new app: Digital subscribers now have the ability to receive information faster, at their fingertips with The Standard:




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