Dave Ziegler details his first offseason as NFL general manager so far


“Part of the process of understanding that he was fit long-term was understanding the person,” Ziegler said. “And Hunter is a low-maintenance player who’s an incredibly hard worker, very smart, diligent in his craft… Very good road runner, good short-court quickness, has the ability to open up in tight spaces and in the past has been very He has worked very hard to learn our system and understand our road concepts and learn the intricacies of what he needs to do in this offensive system.

“A very productive young player who we are excited to work with in the future and continue to see progress being made.”

Both Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels have focused on getting players ready for the season even when they’re away from the building. While this downtime is a much-needed break before the start of a full NFL season, it was highlighted throughout the locker room to keep up with the developments they’ve made during the offseason schedule.

“The message is to make continuous progress,” Ziegler said. “Don’t back down. What we’re not looking for are guys coming back and they’ve digressed in their strength training or their food and nutrition or their conditioning. Those are the basics and the expectations are for these guys to come to camp ready to ride and progress through that free time. And that’s what we’re going to be looking for. That says a lot about their commitment to this team, their commitment to s improve, their commitment to winning – you can tell this by how people get to training camp and how ready they are to go.

“I hope everyone comes back [and] has that mindset and is coming back better than he was when he left.”


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