Do Maeve and Isaac get together in Season 3 of Sex Education?


Who’s up for more of our favorite Moordale students ?! Sex education Season 3 is finally here and it features all new dramas and relationships. Some of our favorites are still together and others are going through a rough patch, but it all ends up ultimately for the main characters in this beloved British comedy.

As for Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey), she has been in a willful relationship with Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) since they started their Hanime school sex clinic, but Season 2 put a damper on their relationship when Otis started dating Ola (Patricia Allison) and became a total jerk to Maeve. A potential love affair with Maeve’s new neighbor Isaac was also brewing, who had a crush on her almost immediately.

Maeve’s love life was turned upside down during the Sex education season 2 finale, when Otis professed his love for her in a voicemail message and Isaac deleted him out of spite. So what happens to this love triangle in Sex education season 3? Who does Maeve end up with?

Spoilers ahead for Sex education season 3.

Maeve still doesn’t know about voicemail at the start of the new season, so things between her and Otis are pretty awkward. Otis thinks he heard the voicemail and simply chose to ignore it, which of course he didn’t.

Maeve and Isaac’s relationship grows stronger, that is, until Isaac confesses to deleting Otis’ email. He claims he was trying to protect her from Otis, but we all know it’s mainly because he wanted Maeve for himself and was jealous. Maeve is hurt and stops talking to Isaac for a bit but finally decides to forgive him.

Isaac and Maeve find a good place and even get in touch, but things get complicated when Maeve goes on a school trip. She and Otis find themselves stranded in France when their school bus leaves without them, and the two have a very emotional conversation. Maeve tells Otis that she knew about the voicemail and explains that Isaac deleted it so she never heard it.

Maeve asks Otis to tell her what the voicemail says, and Otis remembers telling her he loved her. The two share a long-awaited kiss, which is such an adorable scene! However, Maeve is in conflict because of her relationship with Isaac.

So who does she choose?

Who does Maeve end up with in Season 3 of Sex Education?

Isaac can tell things are getting different and asks Maeve if anything happened during the school trip. He’s upset, but in the end it’s clear that Maeve and Otis are meant to be together. Otis comes to find Maeve and professes his feelings this time, and the two share another sweet kiss, this time in the rain. So romantic!

Maeve chooses Otis over Isaac, however, she doesn’t end up with anyone at the end of Sex education season 3. She decides to go to school for gifted and talented students in America, and the end of the finale sees her say goodbye to Otis. It seems like they’re hoping they’ll be together once she returns, but a lot can happen in the few months she’s gone.

As someone who totally ships Maeve and Otis, I’m glad they’re finally making more progress this season. Isaac is a good guy, but Maeve only has eyes for Otis.

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