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Evelyn Maurine Carrington was born in Austin in 1898.

After attending Austin High School, she earned three degrees from the University of Texas. A bachelor’s degree in 1919, a master’s degree in 1920 and a doctorate. in 1930, with additional work at the Institute for Juvenile Research, Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, and Columbia University.

Between 1930 and 1941 she taught educational psychology at Sam Houston State Teachers College (now Sam Houston State University) and after that between 1941 and 1952 she was on the faculty of Texas State College for Women ( now Texas Woman’s University).

She was also for a time executive director of the Children’s Development Center in Dallas, as well as psychologist and director of education at Shady Brook Schools. She then became a psychologist at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas in 1955 and during her time there she also taught at Baylor University College of Dentistry.

She remained at the center of the Children’s Medical Center until 1973 and maintained a private child psychology practice in Dallas during her tenure there.

Throughout her career, she has focused on children’s learning, particularly in the process of learning to read, issues associated with aging, and mental health – even sponsoring Mental Health. Club during his doctoral studies.

Its reputation extends beyond academia. She has been a delegate to two White House conferences and a member of the Governor’s Committee on Aging and the Needs of the Elderly.

When Ima Hogg and her family began working to create the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, Dr. Carrington was invited to join the committee that drew up the plans for the creation of the Foundation. While working as Secretary of State for Mental Hygiene, she worked closely with Ima Hogg to draft the Foundation’s plans.

She was also for a time vice president of the Texas Society for Mental Health and president of the International Council of Women Psychologists.

She was a member of the Texas Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association and is the author of several publications on the topic of mental health and psychology: Mental health for the elderly and The psychologist looks at the teenager in 1946, The exceptional child: his nature and his needs in 1951, and was editor of Women in early Texas in 1975.

She died in Austin in October 1985 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery.



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