Durham School for Girls in Doha Hosts HPL Showcase Event



School principal Vanessa Jane Whay interacts with principals and teachers.

Doha: Durham School for Girls Doha hosted a ‘High Performance Learning Demonstration Event’, transforming the educational space and enabling all students to thrive in an inclusive high performance learning environment.

The theme of this year’s High Performance Learning (HPL) Showcase was “Education for a New Worldâ€. Durham School for Girls was honored to be chosen as the host school for this event because of its academic excellence and its creative way of implementing this learning approach throughout the school.

As the first and only all-female UK HPL school in the Middle East, their aim is to ensure that every student has the opportunity not only to receive an education, but also to excel in their development and academic abilities. The Durham School for Girls is thrilled to be part of the HPL Middle East Roadshow and has welcomed principals from all over Qatar as well as Simon O’Grady HPL CEO to the school.

Everyone wants the best for their students; however, education systems continue to assume that only a minority of students can achieve high levels of academic achievement. Founded in 2001 by Dr Deborah and based on cognitive research, High Performance Learning provides conditions and attributes to guide and lead all children to reach their full potential.

This raises the levels of achievement within the school and gives the school a clear framework for its approach to teaching and learning. As a relatively new school, Vanessa Jane Whay explained how HPL adds structure, consistency and value to the school’s approach to teaching and learning. From the age of three, children begin to understand how and why they learn. Cognitively question yourself and believe in your own ability to succeed. During the conference, school principals heard from school principal Vanessa Jane Whay from school principals, teachers and students. It has been shown how HPL was introduced and impacted learning and daily life at Durham Girls’ School. Confidence in life is the motto of the school and as a school it truly believes that every child can reach their full potential as a person in society and academically. Every child has the capacity to learn, it is the way that learning is approached which ensures that the Durham School for Girls integrates the HPL framework across the UK curriculum while remaining true to its academic values fundamental and Qatari values.

This school year, the Durham School for Girls Doha also introduced the dual enrollment program. This program allows students to have the opportunity to follow a traditional route to university through UK A levels, but also to be able to take college credits live alongside their studies.



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