Echo360 and Turning Merge to support the transition from higher education to video and blended learning


NEW YORK, January 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Echo360, the world’s leading video learning platform, today announced its merger with Turning, the world’s leading provider of learning engagement platforms for the education industries, business and government to build the industry’s most comprehensive SaaS. Video-based video learning and engagement platform that enables instructors and learners to share impactful learning experiences from anywhere.

Combining Echo360’s advanced video recording, streaming and video content management platform with Turning’s extensive suite of learning, authoring and content engagement solutions delivers the experience of Most holistic learning engagement for instructors and learners in any environment – with more analytics, tools, and integrations with leading LMS platforms to ensure learning outcomes are achieved in all segments that the combined business now serves. The additional capital from Center Lane Partners will allow Echo360 to significantly expand its current offering in response to faculty and market demand.


Murad Velani, Chairman and CEO, will lead the combined company, which will operate under the Echo360 brand. The investment will allow Echo360 to expand its reach geographically and into other core learning markets, including K12 education, government and corporate learning. The combined business will serve more than 1,000 colleges and universities around the world, in addition to thousands of K12, commercial and government customers in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions.

“Our mission is to create remarkable learning experiences for instructors and learners, no matter who they are, where they are or how they choose to learn, and video is an essential tool to enable the level of engagement that we are looking to serve our customers globally, “said Velani.” Together, Echo360 and Turning provide the opportunity to be the global leader in engaging in learning across industries and expanding our ability to create fair and engaged learning for all. Both companies have remarkable talent, a track record of innovation and impact, and together on a global scale at a time when the demands and expectations of learning in the world are being challenged in question and redefined daily. “


Amid emergency distance learning caused by looming Covid-19 Omicron threats, faculty, students, and administration are increasingly embracing video and blended learning alternatives – digital approaches that facilitate more flexible teaching and learning experiences for students and faculty. In recent polls, 73 percent of students indicated a preference for online learning, and 57 percent professors have said they would prefer to teach hybrid courses after the pandemic.

“The fit between Turning and Echo360 is natural and will immediately benefit the expanded segments,” said Fred Singer, former CEO of Echo360 who will join the board of directors of the new merged company. “The unexpected need to transform campus life in 2020 has forced a shift in our understanding of what is possible in a digital classroom and in the wider educational technology ecosystem. As a result of this experience, we have seen universities around the world rethink the role of technology in creating more meaningful, flexible and satisfying experiences for students and faculty. The combined platform complemented by significant capital resources will provide Echo360 with continued leadership, ”Singer said.


Turning’s unique suite of student engagement tools combined with the Echo360 platform creates a highly interactive blended learning environment that unleashes the pedagogical power and learning potential of video. By enhancing Echo360’s video solutions with Turning innovations, students and faculty will now be able to delve deeper into course material and collaborate more effectively with their peers. Students can access course content and videos at any time and can take notes that are automatically synchronized in time with recorded course moments. Faculty can assess students’ understanding through live quizzes and advanced interactive audience response.

To ensure that the student experience is constantly improving, faculty can also access a suite of analytics and features to best track student learning and engagement in real time. Designed specifically for the cloud, instructors can use the platform anywhere, on any device, to record and create content, give and receive feedback, and get real-time overview of the course learning of a student.

“This acquisition will redefine the learning engagement ecosystem, bringing robust video management system capability to Turning’s proven learning engagement solutions to create a large-scale transformational SaaS platform that will accelerate the growth of the company, “said Ken lau, co-founder and CEO of Center Lane Partners, LLC. “Providing proven filming solutions such as Dojo360, Point Solutions and ExamView as part of a holistic Echo360 video learning experience to existing and new customers opens up vast opportunities for growth, and we are committed to supporting this team of investment and management. ”

About Echo360
Echo360 believes improving results starts with a good time in the classroom. Developed by educators, Echo360 helps instructors record and extend those moments to improve learner engagement through accessible and engaging video learning, reaching over two million learners in approximately 1,200 schools and organizations across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

Arotating end
Turning was born out of the desire to turn traditional learning into an active learning engagement. With global reach and impact across higher education, corporate, K12 and government sectors, the Turning portfolio (including Dojo360, ExamView, Point Solutions and Knowbly) embodies its mission to create engaging experiences. learning opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

About Center Lane Partners
Center Lane is a private equity firm focused on equity and borrowing, with and without control, in mid-market North American companies. Center Lane targets companies with revenues between $ 20 and $ 500 million which have leading positions in the market and sustainable competitive advantages in their respective niches.

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