EdTech will continue to offer New-Age skills upgrading and retraining courses in India: Gaurav Bhatia, CBO, RISE WPU


Pune, Maharashtra, India (NewsView) India’s EdTech industry continued to thrive in 2021. It has experienced phenomenal growth in all areas to accelerate learning outcomes, thanks to increased internet penetration and smartphones, a transition to digital learning and the need to upgrade skills. India’s EdTech industry is expected to be worth $ 30 billion over the next ten years, according to a report by transaction consultancy firm RBSA Advisors. Over the past year, the industry has witnessed a new credo – applied learning – which means that courses are organized around the principles of learning through practical application rather than theory. It helped students gain a broader perspective and shape their worldview through hands-on skills. Additionally, the use of technology in education has given students access to world-class academics, industry experts, and seamless flexibility, enabling them to learn in an agile learning environment. that nurtures and encourages work-study-life balance. In the process, the EdTech sector has broken down geographic barriers and made education more accessible. We have seen an increase in the traction of Tier 2 cities for online tech courses, with an emphasis on retraining or upgrading skills. This trend is expected to intensify over the coming year. On top of that, there has been an increase in the number of women enrolled in these courses. We are encouraged by the number of women who are upgrading their skills and retraining to enter the tech workforce. Indeed, as part of their diversity and inclusion initiatives, several technology companies are mobilizing significant efforts to improve gender parity in their workforce, especially at the top. The EdTech revolution has enabled students and career-changing individuals to benefit from applied learning opportunities and will continue to significantly shape the education sector in the years to come. Image: Gaurav Bhatia, Commercial Director, RISE WPU PWR PWR

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