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Eisenhower Middle School is nominated for Where Everybody Belongs

In the spring of 2016, Lisa Sahadeo of Eisenhower Middle School received a Success Award (now called Schoolwide Impact Award) for “Where Everybody Belongs” also known as WEB. In the spring of 2021, Rebecca Moore received a Student Clubs & Activities Award to continue the program.

WEB’s goal is to provide peer mentorship to incoming 6th graders, creating a welcoming environment during a major transition in learning environments. It also develops leadership skills for 8th graders who are trained to support their younger peers and have the opportunity to create meaningful connections and experiences.

Rebecca Moore wrote, “Internally, WEB collaborates with all staff as it relies on staff input, such as (1) identifying students who will benefit from targeted Web Leader coachings, (2) researching time in their schedule to allow Web Leader “Push Ins” for class activities, and (3) participate in school-wide Web town halls. The staff at our school strongly supports the WEB program and we believe this is because staff see firsthand the positive impact it has on our students. The transition to college can be a major event in a young person’s life, yet very few effective coaching strategies exist at most colleges. With WEB, students help students succeed by using older students as mentors for 6th graders. WEB Leaders are Grade 8 class members who undergo extensive training to become positive role models, motivators, and teachers. »

If they win…

Eisenhower’s WEB coordinators (Rebecca Moore, Sara Romero and Jessica Thomas) write, “If selected as the best-in-class winner, Eisenhower College would like to expand the WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) program to another APS college to that they can start their own program to help 6th graders reduce college entry challenges and create an environment where 6th graders feel cared for and supported by creating an atmosphere free from bullying, intimidation and fear and replacing it with support, connection and a sense of comfort and belonging. Eisenhower has seen how much of a difference this program has made in our community and wants to share the benefits it has had for us with other schools.


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