Encourage children to become adventurous in their learning at The Mount School


The journey of Mount Junior School’s creative program begins in early childhood. Rachel Capper, Primary School Principal and Early Years Specialist, explains how exploration and discovery are essential for the youngest.

“We want our girls to be adventurous in their learning and embark on exciting discoveries that will help them find their place in the world. Young girls are naturally curious and this needs to be nurtured by providing them with a learning environment where they have the confidence to ask lots of questions and try new experiences. In doing so, they begin to challenge the world around them and take risks that propel them further along their learning journey,” says Miss Capper.

The Mount’s feminine environment provides girls with the time and space to explore, discover and create. They are encouraged to be curious, to ask questions and to do things on their own. “Our classroom environment supports this by providing open resources and space to make their own play, invent and solve problems.

By using natural resources and loose parts in their play, girls can use their imaginations and direct their learning in the direction they want, rather than being limited by resources and toys that predetermine their play. For example , during the Remembrance Day celebration, the girls created poppies illustrations from a range of different materials to express their own ideas. The results demonstrated the girls’ different personalities and styles.

This approach is balanced with sensitive and adult intervention ensuring that girls develop the skills and knowledge they need to be able to make their own choices and become confident and ambitious learners.

York Press:

“Our Explore, Discover and Create program is exciting, inspiring and based on real-life experiences. Our cross-cutting themes allow girls to learn about life and changes within living memory and our diverse community. In the fall term, the girls enjoyed talking to family members and members of the Mount School community to observe the changes in culture. Through this project-based approach, girls learn to be collaborators, innovators, leaders and risk takers. »

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