Everyone has a story: learning new tricks after 30 years


I visited this grassy place a few times on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night, as the fair drew to a close and I got ready for the long drive back to Woodland, I wanted to try the clubs one last time. It was easy to find a set to borrow.

Just as I was flying the clubs, in my peripheral vision, I noticed one of The Flying Karamazov brothers taking a night walk with a woman, along a path that would pass right in front of me. For no logical reason, it made me extremely nervous. However, I decided to keep juggling – and I did, but my nervousness was all over the place.

Just as he and his lady were about to pass me, he turned to me and said, “Remember to breathe!

As fun as I got, I never went back to the Oregon Country Fair and never had juggling clubs in my hands again. I’m still amazed that the two most asked questions on my performance days got resolved on the same weekend – and that turned the Karamazov brothers question upside down, as one of the brothers saw me juggle and even commented on my shape.

Self-help books have always promoted the importance of breathing properly. To all of you, especially my baby boomer colleagues, I say, “Remember to breathe.

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