Future Dragon Days event gives new students a head start E! News 40



BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- School life takes a step back to a pre-covid era, a new start for a handful of students. New seventh grade students at Henry Moss College got a taste of college life with the Future Dragon Days event. Former students came to help us, saying it was a precious event.

“I know if I was in seventh grade it would have certainly been very helpful,†said Kelsey Turner, a student at Warren Central High School.

The purpose of this event Thursday and Friday was to give participating students a head start, as they familiarize themselves with the building and meet classmates and school staff. This comes as these students are also coming back to a more normal learning environment, which means that the experience is new in more ways than one.

“With Covid, it was really a strange experience from all the discussions I had with high school and college kids,†Turner said.

Games, touring the school building, and educating students on the resources available at the school are some of the ways students have acclimated to their new school. It was the inaugural year of this event.

“The past two school years have been going out differently so we are really looking forward to getting back to a more normal routine and welcoming our new seventh graders,†said Katie Whitney, Moss Middle School counselor.

Welcome them with a heartwarming learning experience, as the incoming dragons spread their wings.

“We really want to try to help them make new friendships, so that on the first day of school they have familiar faces in the building and that they feel a little more comfortable coming to college that first. day, â€Whitney said.



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