Germanna to Host Virtual Forum on Improving College Outcomes for Men of Color | Local News


Germanna Community College will host a virtual noon discussion moderated by a national expert on Friday about the important role teachers can play in promoting student success for men of color.

J. Luke Wood will discuss trends and issues in teaching and learning practices for men of color, highlight the important role teachers play, and examine strategies instructors can use to improve outcomes.

Wood is vice president of student affairs and campus diversity at San Diego State University. He is also co-director of the Community College Equity Assessment Lab, a national center for research and practice that partners with community colleges to help improve outcomes for men of color.

According to a 2021 study, the two-year college completion rate for black, Latino, and Native American students is just 24%. Undergraduate black male enrollment in community colleges has been hit particularly hard by the COVID pandemic, dropping 19.2 percentage points, compared to a 9.0 percentage point drop for black females. In Virginia, the graduation gap between black women and black men is 10% and it reaches almost 20% between black men and white men.

Wood has written 15 books and is known for developing the concept of “racial gaslighting” or “racelighting,” which is defined as a process in which systematically delivered messages cause people of color to question their experiences with racism.


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