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Guernsey-Sunrise Schools had the opportunity to present ideas inspired by Ron Clark Academy (RCA). RCA is a non-profit school located in Southeast Atlanta. CAN has been recognized nationally and internationally for creating a loving and dynamic learning environment that fosters academic excellence and leadership.

RCA created a house system to allow students and staff to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime. Students and staff were divided into 4 houses, Revuer, Altruismo, Amistad and Isibindi. Each house contains students and staff who work together to develop life skills and friendly competitions. Fortunately, Guernsey-Sunrise k-12 was able to participate in the RCA house system.

Many Guernsey-Sunrise teachers have been invited to visit RCA in Atlanta, Georgia. Liesel Sisson, director of Guernsey-Sunrise k-12, was able to visit RCA on several occasions. Sisson said, “I just remembered it was like turning into a magical school … The energy of the staff and the students, the music was still there, the students were still dancing.” Each teacher had a different experience, but they all came back with a smile on their face.

On Saturday December 11, the Vikings and Lady Vikings faced the Minatare Indians. After a tough fight against the Lady Indians, the Lady Vikings lost. The final score of the women’s college match was 44 Minatare and 35 Guernsey.

The college boys luckily won their first victory over the Indians, the final score 65-41. On Tuesday, December 14, the Lady Vikings and the Varsity Basketball Vikings fought hard against the Lusk Tigers. Unfortunately, the Lady Vikings did not take the victory, with the final score of 44-27. The Vikings and Tigers had the crowds at the edge of their seats with the scores tight. But the Lusk Tigers took the win with the final score of 45-43.

Guernsey-Sunrise Schools are participating in a food drive for our local food bank. This year we are organizing a competition for houses. The house with the most food donations will win a prize. Food is not counted yet, but it looks like House Amistad is taking the lead with 50 or more food items.

Liberty Whitebird is an award-winning high school author and lecturer at Guernsey-Sunrise High School. She recently won third place in the VFW’s District Voice of Democracy competition.



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