High impact tutoring on the board’s agenda



Contracts for high impact, results-based tutoring are on the agenda for consideration when the Ector County ISD Board of Directors meets at 6 p.m. on Tuesday in the first floor council chamber. from the Administration Building, 802 N. Sam Houston Ave.

Recommended suppliers are Air Tutors, LLC, Focus Care, Inc. dba FEV Tutor Inc., HeyTutor Inc. and Zovia, Inc. dba TutorMe, LLC. The total cost is $ 5,647,094, depending on the additional material on the agenda.

The purpose of high impact tutoring is to provide students with the opportunity to bridge the COVID-19 learning gap through one-on-one or small-group tutoring, depending on the material.

“We are engaged in performance-based contracts with each company to compensate each student who succeeds or penalize students who regress during tutoring sessions,” the document said.

This accelerated learning initiative supports districts with the requirement of House Bill 4545 which states that all students who have not passed STAAR receive accelerated learning as required by law, according to the document.

The Texas Education Agency announced the launch of the Vetted Texas Tutor Corps, an initiative to accelerate student learning through high-impact tutoring, with the goal of reaching more than one million students. ECIDD met with six of the TEA-approved tutoring companies and offered principals the opportunity to select the best possible provider that will meet the needs of each campus.

Another element of purchasing is virtual learning services.

Senate Bill 15 concerns virtual and off-campus electronic education in a public school. SB 15 allows school districts with a district grade of C or higher to operate a local distance learning program to offer virtual classes outside the state’s Chapter 30A virtual school network to students eligible.

Supplementary agenda material stated that ECIDD will partner with StrongMind. StrongMind provides a virtual learning solution that:

>> Engages students with rigorous digital courses aligned with TEKS for grades K-12.

>> Provides a robust learning management system (LMS to deliver lessons and track learning).

>> Provides certified subject teachers in Texas who will communicate with families, teach synchronous classes, hold virtual office hours, and schedule one-on-one coaching sessions based on learner needs.

>> Provides high quality student support services including Special Education, Bilingual / Dual Language (Kindergarten to Grade 5), English as a Second Language from Grades 6 to 8, Gifted and talented (intellectual orientation), fine arts, physical education and careers and technical education, depending on the material.

The cost is $ 3,850 per student for a full year of instruction; 100 students for a total cost of $ 385,000.

>> The source of funding will be the Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Fund, or ESSER III.

>> The recommended supplier / service provider is StrongMind, Inc. in Chandler, Arizona.

The district is also seeking board approval for a three-year research partnership with Texas Tech University to develop research questions, program evaluation design, data collection and a final report. program evaluation for the Opportunity Culture program. The estimated cost is $ 270,000 on a three year contract.

Opportunity Culture is designed to serve economically disadvantaged students by providing marginalized student populations with quality teachers, according to Supplementary Materials.

A public hearing on the FIRST district rating for 2019-2020 data as well as a management file that includes all the required information as established by the Education Commissioner are also on the agenda. The public is invited to comment on the report.

FIRST stands for Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas.



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