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WINNIPEG, Manitoba, 22 October 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – HP Change, a Winnipeg-a based organization that facilitates programming between students and employers, announces that it has acquired the effective LinkedInForStudents.com digital learning program October 2021. LinkedInForStudents.com, which has yet to launch, has developed a digital course, along with several other relevant digital tools and resources designed to provide students with a comprehensive system for succeeding on LinkedIn as they transition into the workforce.

“In LinkedInForStudents.com, we have acquired a valuable solution for students to leverage the power of LinkedIn for career and mentoring purposes,” said the founder and CEO of HP Change, Scott angus. “We want to equip students with a toolkit of resources for their careers and community development – and this acquisition is a big part of it. “

LinkedInForStudents.com is a project developed by Arman Iran for, an entrepreneur and a business development professional based in Toronto, Canada. The project, launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with millions of students studying and graduating from home, was initially just a collection of curated resources and sharing first-hand experiences of personal successes. on LinkedIn. Within months, the project flourished and the development of a more comprehensive program was underway.

“With the right game plan and the right mindset, LinkedIn can be a surprisingly powerful tool for students, graduates and young professionals. Unfortunately, there is a real lack of education on how emerging leaders can leverage LinkedIn to fuel or advance in their careers, ”said Arman Iran for, founder of LinkedInForStudents.com. “Given our history of collaboration, I felt this initiative would resonate deeply with Scott and his community and very quickly we were able to find alignment. HP Change really understands the need for this category of education. and is the ideal organization to expand the impact of the program in the future. “

In an era where opportunities for students to network in person have effectively been non-existent, labor markets remain competitive and workforce recruitment is becoming increasingly social / digital, now more than ever for students and professionals. recent graduates are looking for ways to stand out and attract meaningful opportunities.

“Students, more than ever, are realizing the power of building their personal brand, especially on online platforms like LinkedIn,” says Angus. “We are excited to incorporate LinkedInForStudents.com into our offering as it aligns with our strategic vision – to be a source of relevant content and skills building. We have always taken pride in discovering the real needs of students and providing practical solutions for them. It helps us do just that. “

HP Change plans to integrate the digital learning program, as well as its digital assets, tools and resources into its own programming and online training initiatives starting in 2022, improving the experience of the HP Change community.

About HP Change:

HP Change empowers emerging leaders to make the difference they want to make. By better integrating employers into education, we create an environment conducive to building meaningful relationships. Employers work alongside HP Change to provide valuable student experience and reap the internal benefits associated with those experiences. To learn more, visit http://www.hpchange.com.

About LinkedInForStudents.com:

LinkedInForStudents.com is a digital program designed to help students better harness the power of LinkedIn. The digital course (along with the included resources / tools) provides students with a comprehensive system for succeeding on LinkedIn, whether it’s building their network, finding their voice, or advancing their careers through a job or promotion. To learn more, visit http://www.linkedinforstudents.com.

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