iLearning Engines (ILE) Seeks To Go Public With Rapid And Continuous Growth Through Its Ongoing Learning Automation Solutions In Edtech And Enterprise Markets Worldwide



SAN DIEGO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –ILearning Engines (ILE), a Bethesda, MD-based AI platform company that has pioneered ongoing learning automation, announced plans to go public in the United States during the next 12 months.

ILE has grown rapidly worldwide with a CAGR of 80% over the past three years, with a growing customer base in both educational institutions and corporate markets. The company now plans to grow rapidly by increasing its presence in the United States and deepening its corporate customer base by combining learning automation with the learning experience to provide an enhanced end-to-end solution.

ILE was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Harish Chidambaran to leverage big data and AI to improve learner and student outcomes based on adaptive technology. The platform is used at more than 250 sites in organizations in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and India.

“We were the first to combine AI algorithms with large datasets to diagnose or predict knowledge gaps, then deliver ongoing personalized learning prescriptions to each individual at scale,†said the CEO Harish Chidambaran. “Our initial investment has paid off rather well in terms of market adoption and customer outcomes with our AI-powered solution. We look forward to continuing to expand to meet the growing opportunities we see now. ”

Chidambaran and other ILE leaders will speak and make presentations at the ASU + GSV Summit in San Diego August 9-11 at various forums to discuss solutions and the impact of the business.

About iLearningEngines

iLearningEngines (ILE) is the market leader in cloud-based, business-critical training. Deloitte ranked ILE among the 20 fastest growing companies in North America in 2020 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, and 5 in 2019 Deloitte Fast 500. The results-driven learning and AI platform is used by companies to provide company specific training. and generate mission critical results at scale. iLearningEngines is deployed in some of the most regulated and detailed verticals including healthcare, education, energy, transportation, and military. The intense demand for scalable and results-based training has led to successful client wins in several verticals. The company leverages its clients’ own subject matter experts, internal content and third-party content to create training materials, then uses its artificial intelligence and machine learning engine to deliver personalized training plans. in large scale.



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