Komi Can’t Communicate release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more


The Hanime adaptation of the manga series Komi can’t communicate is finally on its way, and Hanime fans around the world are very excited about what’s to come.

It’s always exciting to see any Hanime adaptation of your favorite manga come to fruition, but this particular adaptation was eagerly awaited as it ended in a fairly common handicap.

Prove that representation does, in fact, matter, Komi can’t communicate should follow the beautiful path paved by similar anime versions that came before it, such as A silent voice, Josée the tiger and the fish, and Gangsta; which all shine a light on the lives of people with disabilities.

The animated series is sure to warm your heart and you certainly won’t want to miss a single second of this outing. We let you know the anime’s release date and more, below.

Komi Can’t Communicate release date

Mark your calendars because Komi can’t communicate is set to debut on Netflix next month on October 21, 2021! Upon release, we expect there will be at least 6 episodes available for fans to watch, each under 30 minutes long.

Komi’s cast can’t communicate

The cast of this upcoming series features many names that you may have heard in various other anime titles!

Kaguya-sama: Love is warThe voice actress of Aoi Koga will be the voice of Shouko Komi, the protagonist of the anime. Alongside Koga, Fire forceGakuto Kajiwara’s will be the voice of Hitohito Tadano, Ai Yoshikawa is Rumiko Manbagi, Rie Murakawa is Najimi Osana, and Shaman kingRina Hidaka will play the character of Ren Yamai.

Additionally, the characters Makeru Yadano, Himiko Agari, and Omoharu Nakanaka will be voiced by Ami Maeshima, Yukiyo Fujii, and Rumi Okubo, respectively.

Komi can’t communicate the synopsis

The original Netflix animated series traces the life of Komi, a girl with severe social anxiety that often prevents her from communicating with other people and making friends. One day, she meets a classmate who sympathizes with her struggles and pledges to help her make 100 friends by the end of the school year by strengthening her communication skills.

Will she succeed and overcome her difficulties? You’ll need to log in to find out!

Komi trailer can’t communicate

The official trailer already has hundreds of thousands of views, so we know people are counting the days until they can finally feast on this masterpiece. Check out the trailer below so you too can join this group of people who are eagerly awaiting to see the animated series.

Now that you are all up to speed with what to expect from this animated series, be sure to watch the Season 1 premiere of Komi can’t communicate officially streaming on Netflix October 21!


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