La Joya ISD primary school works to prevent bullying


Diaz Villarreal Elementary School in La Joya ISD takes a proactive approach to preventing bullying on campus.

Throughout the month, students will participate in a wide range of interactive games and activities to learn the importance of ending bullying at a young age.

“It’s important for them to learn this at a young age because ultimately it shapes them to be better people,” said Vanessa Martinez, vice principal of the Diaz Villarreal school.

As part of the school’s anti-bullying efforts, all week teachers, professors and students wear blue, which symbolizes peace. Counselors will hold gatherings for each class in the dining hall, teaching children about the four types of bullying: cyberbullying, physical, social and verbal harassment.

“We promote kindness, we promote safety, we promote unity among students,” Martinez said.

If students feel they are being bullied, they are encouraged to immediately report the incident to teachers, staff and parents.

“We strive to promote a safe learning environment for students, so when a student feels they are being bullied, it is our job to make sure it doesn’t happen,” he said. said Villarreal.

If students are being bullied on or off campus, the school says it will investigate, first notifying parents and their children to sign estrangement contracts. The contract is a written agreement between parents and students that recognizes that students should stay away from each other.

Other consequences will follow if the rules of the contract are not respected.


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