Letter: elect Democrats to Redding


Given the current political climate, electing the Area 9 / Joel Barlow High School Board of Trustees is a matter of life and death: a matter of saving our children, our schools and our city. Cheryl Graziano and Gwen Denny are to remain Redding’s representatives on the Region 9 school board.

This was made quite clear during the public debate a few weeks ago when Shawn Alexander, the Republican candidate, in his opening statement declared his ignorance of the school system, followed by his anti-masking stance, and then said that children do not get COVID – even if her child had COVID. He should NOT get a seat on the Region 9 Board of Directors.

If you value fact-based education, which includes science, the Republican nominee should scare you.

Cheryl and Gwen have both demonstrated, as current board members, their competence in providing the best public education for our children, focused on the individual needs of each student for success. During this most difficult time, they have shown agility and provided quality education during the COVID-19 pandemic and secured the necessary funding for the support.

They also allowed the students to return safely to class and were able to bring back events in person (diploma, ball) to our students.

Their priorities are academic excellence, a positive learning environment for all, safe and well-maintained school buildings and grounds, while maintaining fiscal responsibility. They aim to ensure that children feel safe, welcome and supported, enabling them to be better learners.

Both candidates know that our school system is our city’s greatest asset.

The values ​​of our house depend on the value of our schools.

You can count on Cheryl and Gwen to continue to achieve the high bar of excellence in our high school, while pushing it forward.

The entire list of Democrats must be elected for Redding to be the best they can be.

Peggy and Steve Zamore



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