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Next are questions three and four, which help teachers make plans to help students who have not learned enough to catch up and help students who have done so to go further, instead. to wait for the rest of their classmates.

“There’s a lot that goes into that and that’s what we want to tighten up and make sure everyone is on the same page,†she said.

Deputy Superintendent Tony VanderMaas said professional learning communities are a hallmark of modern education and without them “the goal of improving student learning is hampered.” Old-school methods lead to siled classrooms, he said.

“The teacher closed the door, the teacher did his job, largely what he wanted to do, but that’s the school of the past,†he said. “Really what you are looking at now is the power of collaborative teachers and you start to get all these other things: responsibility, you get encouragement, you get people who want to work a little harder because now they talk with their colleagues. “

Effect on students

Superintendent Dan Zorn said the groups are an “incredibly important” tool for the district to advance student success.

Longview School Board approves replacement capital and technology levy schedule

“Ann and Tony have a great process in place for us to disseminate this information and to achieve systematic strengthening of our PLC processes so that we can continue to focus on improving student outcomes,†he said. -he declares.



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