Madison School District Says Return Online Temporary Local education





Janel Heinrich, director of public health for Madison and Dane County, said her agency was not consulted on the district’s decision to return to online education, but the district had its own advisory board about health.

“We were not part of this decision-making process,†said Heinrich.

Several doctors called school district staff on Friday to answer questions about the decision to start school online after winter break. In addition to his health advisory board, Dr Gregory DeMuri said the district is part of the ABC Science Collaborative, a program that pairs scientists and doctors with schools to help staff understand the most recent information. on COVID-19.

Guide brackets

Heinrich did not say anything about Public Health’s return to in-person learning guidelines, released in the fall, which have changed with the increase in cases caused by the omicron variant. These guidelines include encouraging vaccination, mask wear, social distancing and other best practices since the onset of the pandemic and note that “the evidence gathered over the past year has provided a framework to facilitate consistent face-to-face learning that minimizes disease transmission “.

Bars, restaurants, shops, courts, libraries, daycares and other public places all remain open, with the blessing of Public Health. Dane County continues to have a confined space mask warrant, except for cases where everyone in an indoor space is fully vaccinated.



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