New Jersey student assigned to Project Hitler



An 11-year-old’s homework assignment sparked outrage in Tenafly, New Jersey in April, when the student was asked to describe Hitler’s accomplishments, The New York Post reported Tuesday.

The student allegedly dressed up as Hitler for the class presentation, and a parent at the school said the assignment, along with a photo of Hitler, hung on the school wall for two weeks.

“I was pretty good, wasn’t I?” read the assignment after listing Hitler’s “accomplishments”.

The teacher who entrusted the project, as well as the principal of the school were put on paid administrative leave following the incident.

Following an investigation by Superintendent Shauna DeMarco, the teacher was asked to resign but will be allowed to remain on paid administrative leave until January. The director was reinstated although she admitted that “she definitely made mistakes which played a role in what happened”, as she said in a statement according to a media group. North Jersey.

Ferrara served as director for almost 11 years. “This experience has taught me to think more broadly about the consequences of every decision I make,” she said, according to the North Jersey report.

School board president Jocelyn Schwartz said administrative staff will work with Ferrara to ensure a smooth transition and a safe learning environment for everyone, North Jersey reported.

“I personally believe that the investigation into what happened was thorough, executed well and obtained the responses the board needed to move forward,†said Schwartz.

The incident was “incredibly painful for members of our Jewish community in the face of increasing cases of anti-Semitism in the country,” DeMarco said, according to the To post.

It would also have had a “devastating impact on the student involved and her family”, To post Noted. The student’s parents asked the community to respect their anonymity and privacy.

“We don’t want her to live in fear,” they said, according to the To post.



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