NMSU TRIO Upward Bound Aggie Bridge program eases transition to college environment


NMSU Press Release by Tiffany Acosta

For some students, summer can be a time to sleep and relax, but TRIO Upward Bound students at New Mexico State University in the Aggie Bridge program took full advantage of the break to prepare. to the next chapter of their life.

Seniors graduating from TRIO Upward Bound from the class of 2021 were given the opportunity to participate in the Aggie Bridge program, which was virtual this summer. Aggie Bridge provides services and activities to help students transition from high school to college. Students register up to seven credits at NMSU during the first summer session and receive mentoring and tutoring. When face-to-face, the TRIO Upward Bound program provides dormitory, meals, and an on-campus internship opportunity.

“The TRIO Upward Bound participants who choose Bridge during the summer semester not only demonstrate a tremendous amount of courage and dedication, but most of all, they recognize the value attached to their participation in the Bridge program. Participants in the Bridge program choose to focus on their academic goals during the summer vacation and, more often, on summer employment opportunities; therefore demonstrating real courage, ”said Lourdes Ambriz, TRIO Upward Bound program director at Hatch Valley High School.

As a current participant, Anisleidy Lujan said that the Aggie Bridge program enables students to experience the differences in learning environments.

“In high school, you’ve known the teachers since grade one, so you feel comfortable meeting them,” she said. “In college you can’t do that because it’s online and a different vibe.”

As a high school student Julian Angel didn’t consider going to college, but plans change and he believes his participation in the Aggie Bridge program will be helpful.

“These classes really help me prepare myself mentally so that I can get a little taste before I have a full class load and go to work. It will help so that I don’t get bombarded in the fall, ”Angel said.

For Jessica Pedregon, a former Aggie Bridge participant, it was important to develop a relationship with the TRIO Upward Bound staff during the summer program.

“One of the biggest perks was having this connection that I was comfortable asking questions,” she said.

Pedregon reminded current participants of the support that will be available to them in the future as NMSU students.

“They’re going to really push you to be successful and not let you slack off,” Pedregon said. “They will give you tutors. They will give you motivation, explanations, and they will not give up on you.

To learn more about the programs, visit https://trioub.nmsu.edu/.


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