Nov 12 Maharashtra Assessment Survey Divides Educators | Pune News



PUNE: The National Outcome Survey (NAS) conducted in stages III, V, VIII and X to assess the learning outcomes of children in their respective classes will take place on November 12 across the country.
However, many teachers believe that this year it will be difficult to assess the children’s true performance as lower primary schools in the state have yet to open and even those that are open may not have 100% attendance. because schools will reopen after the Diwali break on November 11th.

Another group of teachers believe that such a review is important because it will help to understand the learning outcomes of students, which in turn will help to plan future actions for children, but they also believe that the government of the state must have planned better.
The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) developed the Assessment Framework to assess the skills acquired by students against learning outcomes. The survey goes beyond the scorecard and includes context variables to correlate student performance in different learning outcomes compared to context variables, the official NAS website says.
“Schools will be closed until November 10 for the Diwali break and will reopen the next day. Many students and their families visit their hometowns during Diwali. Many don’t show up on Day 1, especially when the next two days after November 12 and Saturday and Sunday are statutory holidays. Second, lower elementary schools are still closed statewide. Taking an online exam will not give much results in rural areas, especially for such young children, â€said teacher Zilla Parishad from Jalgaon.
However, another group of teachers claim that this type of assessment is always good. “They help the state identify where we are lacking, where we stand in relation to others and what needs to be done to improve. Especially after the pandemic, such a test is very important. One thing the state could have done was better plan for it. Earlier, they announced that the Diwali holiday would run from November 1-20. It was circulated to all the students. Then on October 27, they announced that the vacation would be October 28 to November 10 because they realized they had to host a SIN on November 12. This will create some confusion among the students, â€said Mahendra Ganpule, spokesperson for Maharashtra Headmasters’ Association.



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