Outcome-based education in light of NEP-2020


All faculty members of learning institutes like universities and colleges should follow these guidelines, hold deliberations and discussions, and offer suggestions and feedback.

Adopting an appropriate pedagogy is essential to ensure an effective teaching-learning process. A teacher is no longer just a simple transmitter of information or knowledge, but must become a facilitator, an advisor, a mentor, a course designer, a content creator, an ICT expert, an evaluator, a practitioner reflective and a lifelong learner.

Evaluation is a key to verifying the achievement of learning objectives and the effectiveness or changes to be made to the pedagogy used.

Thus, the appraisal and evaluation system must be robust. Assessment should be continuous and comprehensive and place more emphasis on formative assessment and semester-based activities (continuous internal assessment) rather than giving more weight to summative assessment (end-of-semester exams) as provided in NEP-2020.

The assessment design should be designed to verify the achievement of learning outcomes or a criteria-based scoring system should be developed to verify the level of each objective achieved. Matrix rubrics as an assessment tool are useful for grading students against each criterion or standard.

It is high time to design and adopt modes of assessment that correspond to the higher levels of the taxonomy – application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Used independently or in combination, any of the following methods may be used; time-limited tests, open-book, problem-based tests, assignments, practical homework reports, portfolios, case studies, presentations, face-to-face interviews, composite MCQs, computer-adaptive tests, peer and self-assessment Evaluation.

The outcomes of any program or course to be achieved are linked to the specific pedagogical approaches adopted and the appropriate tools used for both formative/diagnostic assessment and summative assessment.

Empirical evidence from this paper was presented at the two-day national conference organized by GDC Baramulla on August 24-25, 2022.


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