Petoskey deputy principal resigns over student search complaints


A Petoskey High School vice principal accused of improperly searching female students has resigned.

Several Petoskey High School students told IPR News they felt violated when Robert Szukala searched them for vapes.

Petoskey High School principal Deidra Gamble announced Szukala’s resignation in late April.

A few days after a DPI Report describes student complaints.

In a letter to the families, the director wrote that Szukala had been an outstanding member of the administrative team and wished him well.

“He is present in the hallways, lunchroom and classrooms every day to ensure a safe and positive learning environment,” she wrote.

She did not say why he quit, and school officials did not respond to inquiries Tuesday.

Over the past year, several female students have said that the vice principal’s searches for vapes at school made them feel uncomfortable. The students alleged that Szukala asked them to roll over and bend over, which is against school policy.

Petoskey High School investigated Szukala three times and found he followed school guidelines for student searches.

His resignation will take effect at the end of the school year.


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