Questt raises 6,75M in Series A fund



Questt captures thousands of data points, for each student, mapping their understanding of concepts, level of difficulty and cognitive abilities.

Questt, an ed-tech start-up focused on improving learning outcomes by enabling predictive and adaptive learning, today announced that it has raised US $ 6.75 million (INR 50 crore) in funds Series A. The round was conducted by Celesta Capital and Premji Invest. While existing investor – Chiratae Ventures has increased its stake in this round, other existing investors including AET Fund, MarsShot Ventures, Titan Capital and First Check continue to remain invested in the growing company. Questt plans to use the funds from this cycle to develop in-depth technological capabilities to increase its user base.

Founded by Akhil Singh, Mohsin and Rohit Pande, the platform’s vision is to transform learning by making it engaging and effective. It aims to improve the performance of over 260 million students in India while empowering over nine million teachers with remarkable knowledge. Questt captures thousands of data points, for each student, mapping their understanding of concepts, level of difficulty and cognitive abilities. Questt teachers have already seen a 90% decrease in time spent on homework assessment and thanks to the platform’s personalized information, they can now spend more time helping individual students. Questt replaces the need for expensive tutorials and allows students to spend time learning.

Akhil Singh, co-founder of Questt, said: “As our nation recovers from the effects of the pandemic, some changes are imperative. By leveraging AI, we aim to generate real value and empower students and teachers. No matter where children are, they should have a meaningful and effective learning experience. We have already seen the ability of our platform to understand each student’s learning gaps. Going forward, Questt will enable predictive and adaptive learning to help students anticipate issues they might face in the future. We are delighted to have the support and confidence of our investors as we build a unique and comprehensive educational data stack that is expected to benefit millions of students and educators in India.

“Questt will enable learning paths for each child on an individual basis – adding to the need for the teacher and guardian to support each child in their pursuit of learning and to overcome difficulties on the learning path. “Providing micro-learning at the right time is necessary to optimize learning outcomes. We are delighted to support this rapidly changing business,” said Sudhir Rao, Managing Partner, India at Celesta Capital.

“We are not only investing in Questt, but in the potential to shape the future of next generation minds,†said Atul Gupta, partner at Premji Investment. “The founders embody the true spirit of resilience, innovation and a commitment to action that makes what they build even more special.”

“Questt has a unique combination of massive vision and sharp execution,†said Venkatesh Peddi, Partner and Executive Director, Chiratae Ventures. “We are very optimistic about the team and the vision for the company. “

Covid has highlighted incredible inequalities in education. While the children return to school, the assessment will remain online as it gives educators an unbiased view of each child’s situation on their learning journey. Questt’s platform is an incredibly effective way to learn. Like Google Maps, Questt’s data shows where each student is on their learning journey and helps them navigate where they want to go. With this data, Questt generates information that will help suggest further concept-level learning in a personalized way. Questt also allows students to build on their strengths and aspirations and focus more on learning what they enjoy most.

Earlier this year, Questt raised US $ 1.35 million in seed funding. The round has been led by Chiratae Ventures, AET Fund, Titan Capital, First Check and some high profile entrepreneurs. Over 17 million questions were answered on the Questt app in less than eight months, and over 100 million data points were captured on student learning models. The Questt team includes experienced educators, technologists and serial problem solvers. It is the result of years of observation, research and empathetic, human-centered design.



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