Renowned Student Standards and Conduct Office of Student Accountability


The Office of Student Standards and Conduct is now the Student Accountability Office. This new name reflects the emphasis on student welfare, advocacy and accountability.

“The office has historically focused on creating and facilitating a process for students that optimizes learning opportunities in a developmental and educational way. The office’s new name now reflects this practice,” said Monica D. Holland, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Life. “The name change emphasizes supporting students in a positive, productive, and educational decision-making process that benefits their education and community relationships.”

The idea is to move away from the parallels between the legal system and the student conduct system, as well as to break the common misconception that the conduct process is intended to implement sanctions for students who violate the Code of student life.

“We look forward to continuing to serve all faculty, staff, students, and the wider community who interact with our office to ensure that the University of Arkansas continues to be a supportive community, inclusive and engaged,” said Rachel Eikenberry, Director. student responsibility. “We believe that words can be powerful and impact both campus and community perception of our office roles. We hope this philosophical shift will help bring about meaningful shifts in the perception that students , faculty and staff have our process.”

“The goal is to ensure that everyone who interacts with our office will experience our mission to foster a supportive, inclusive, and engaged University of Arkansas community through the facilitation of an accountability process fair, educational and consistent students,” Eikenberry said. “We do this by advocating for the needs of all who navigate the process of student empowerment by embracing the principles of compassion, empathetic understanding, and objectivity.”

All individuals are encouraged to review the student conduct process as outlined in the Student life code. If anyone needs to report possible student misconduct, please do so at


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