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LENOIR, North Carolina (December 17, 2021) – On Monday, December 13, the Caldwell County School Board unanimously approved the change to the school calendar and the addition of three days of distance learning to the spring semester.

The school days that are now distance learning days for students and staff are Wednesday February 2; Tuesday March 8; and Wednesday March 30.

“The three days of distance learning have been added to allow our faculty and staff to engage in professional development activities during the semester with days targeted for training rather than scattered afternoons or at other times, ”said Superintendent Dr. Don Phipps.

At the elementary level, teachers will focus on the developmental requirements of state personnel – Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS) – which help them learn and apply research-supported scientific methods to improve performance. reading results and preventing reading difficulties in students. in all classes. Middle and high schools will provide opportunities applicable to current best practices in curricula and classrooms.

“The Board of Education is aware of the high demands placed on educators and seeks to provide some relief in these tasks. The value of professional development is evident and it is an attempt to give educators time to balance the many demands placed on them, ”said Phipps.

Staff will show up at the school on distance learning days, but students are not involved in any face-to-face learning or classroom instruction through Zoom or other remote platforms. Before these days, students’ homework will be given to complete at home.

The three days of distance learning count towards the student days required in the school calendar.

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