Schultz Family Foundation invests $ 7 million to improve employment outcomes for young veterans



– USO, and Hire Heroes USA receive grants to create an integrated system to support 10,000 young enlisted veterans in the transition to employment

Posted: October 13, 2021 at 3:44 p.m. EDT|Update: 1 hour ago

SEATTLE, October 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Schultz Family Foundation announced today $ 7 million investing in four veterans service organizations to improve employment outcomes for young veterans transitioning from military to civilian life. The United Service Organizations (USO), and Hire Heroes United States received grants to create an integrated system that will support 10,000 junior enlisted veterans from transitioning to employment and ultimately offer best practices to scale the initiative to serve thousands more. The Foundation is also supporting the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) as it expands the Onward to Opportunity (O2O) program to tailor training programs to the specific needs of young Veterans and introduce new Relevant learning paths aligned with career goals. of this subpopulation.

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Only 21% of enlisted juniors have a prominent job before leaving the military – compared to 46% of officers.

With over 40% of service members aged 18-24, almost all of whom are junior enlisted service members (E1 – E5), the need to understand the unique challenges facing young veterans is greater than ever. The average age of junior enlisted personnel on transition from military to civilian life is 25, and almost half are people of color. Only 21% of enlisted juniors have a prominent job before leaving the military – compared to 46% of more experienced officers and enlisted men. Junior enlisted veterans are less likely to use online job databases, job fairs, resume writing assistance, job placement, career counseling, and job training programs. training or certification. A third of junior ranks say they are financially precarious and 44% say they are in financial danger. Only 23% say they have a secure financial situation.

“Together with our partners, we look forward to supporting the young veterans returning home with tremendous skills and potential,” said Tyra A. Mariani, President of the Schultz Family Foundation. “By developing a cohesive data framework that will paint a clearer picture of how to reach junior enlisted service members in need of support, as well as tailoring training content and providing relevant learning paths Throughout their transition, our partnerships will serve those who have selflessly served our country. “

The Schultz Family Foundation supports four organizations in this work:

  • The funding will support the USO Pathfinder Transition Program, focusing on engaging and supporting the enlisted junior segment of the military population as they navigate the early stages of their transition from military to civilian life. The program will provide direct coaching and support to service members and, through an integrated technology solution, seamlessly orient service members to partners to assist with placement, skills upgrading, etc. Through this work, the USO will be able to assess where the transition process effectively serves junior enlisted members, to identify gaps and share ideas with key stakeholders.
  • This investment will allow to extend its focus to the young enlisted and young veteran population using its proven model of placement delivery. will help junior enlisted transition services members identify a career path, establish how their skills and qualifications apply to their chosen career path, present skill and qualification gaps, and assist to placement.
  • The Hire heroes United States the investment will expand the reach and impact of their junior enlisted program, increasing resources and personnel to an additional scale. Hire heroes United States Leverage their one-on-one career coaching, resume development, mentorship and placement model to enable young veterans to achieve careers that meet their professional goals and financial needs.
  • The Institute for Veterans and Military Families The Investment (IVMF) supports Onward to Opportunity (O2O), which provides end-to-end support for training, professional certifications and placement for military members in transition, with the goal of increasing tailored supports for young veterans .

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The Schultz Family Foundation, created in 1996 by Sheri and Howard Schultz, former CEO and Chairman Emeritus of Starbucks, creates pathways of opportunity for populations facing barriers to success, focusing on young people in transition to adulthood and marginalized populations, including black communities, indigenous and colored. By investing in scalable solutions and partnerships in communities across the country, the Foundation aims to help overcome the barriers and obstacles that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential and, in so doing, strengthen our communities and our nation. For more information on the Foundation and its action:

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