SSCC professors Rankin and Tumbleson recognized for their work with the transfer initiative

Two faculty members from Southern State Community College were recently recognized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education for assisting with the Ohio Transfer 36 initiative, a new transfer guarantee review process at the statewide.

SSCC Assistant Professor of English Annie Rankin was recognized for serving on an Arts and Humanities panel, and Associate Professor of Business Jeffrey Tumbleson was recognized for serving on a Social and Behavioral Sciences panel.

Rankin and Tumbleson’s contributions helped meet the expectations of the Ohio Transfer Promise, which gives students a firm guarantee that their courses will transfer while providing institutional supports that will help students with their coursework, according to the ODHE.

According to the ODHE, Ohio Transfer 36 is a new review process for statewide transfer guarantees from college to college.

The move from course guidelines to course learning outcomes is in line with efforts to clearly articulate what a student should know and be able to accomplish as a learner, the ODHE said.

As a result of this change, more than 3,200 previously approved courses are expected to be reviewed over the next three and a half years, according to the ODHE.

With this expansion, faculty panel members from across the state serving on one or more panels have been tasked with reviewing new and previously approved courses with the ultimate goal of extending Ohio Transfer 36 guarantees statewide. state, the ODHE said.

“I also want to thank your faculty members, who continue to assist us with transfer course learning outcomes reviews and expedited course reviews,” ODHE Chancellor Randy Gardner said in a memorandum to the SSCC. “Faculty involvement and participation on panels are critical to the progress and implementation of statewide initiatives, including Ohio Transfer 36. Their guidance and valuable knowledge on the subject continue to strengthen courses and programs for students and citizens of Ohio.

“Institutional contributions to faculty course reviews are an integral part of Ohio’s efforts to provide students with quality and affordable postsecondary education opportunities.”


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