State offers childminders an incentive of $ 1,500


But nationwide, there has been a shortage of early childhood applicants and workers for whom pay is the main reason.

“We have seen a drop in registrations. Thus, families had taken their children out of custody and we observed a further decline in staff not returning to the profession as quickly. But we see the trend going in the right direction now, ”said Groginsky.

The state raised the minimum wage and even introduced a number of other opportunities, including a wage supplement program that would bring the average salary of an early childhood teacher closer to $ 40,000.

“In fact, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of applicants requesting a background check to work in child care. So it’s promising and we hope it continues. The trend continues in this direction, ”said Groginsky.

On Monday November 1, there will be another incentive – a one-time payment of $ 1,500.

“We know that the one-time payment, while not enough, at least recognizes the contribution they make to children, families and our communities.

More than 11,000 educators are eligible for the grant thanks to $ 18 million from the federal government. Childcare experts have said it is important that these workers do not wonder how they are going to cope on a day-to-day basis.

“It’s not a place where they can deliver the quality they want to deliver. So this relief is once, I mean, right before the holidays, is very exciting. “

Applications will be posted on the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care website on Monday. Applications close on Wednesday December 1st.


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