Student loan breaks another distraction pushed by Dems; focus on 3rd grade basics, not nail painting; we must protect election workers to ensure fair elections – Chicago Tribune


Once again, Democrats have shown no respect to middle-class families who have multiple jobs, skimped and honored their signature to pay off their student loans.

It’s the same as giving your word and it doesn’t seem to mean as much today as it once did.

The Dems do everything they can to make people look away during high gas and food prices, but even when they put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

Charles Brown, Naperville

As a mother and grandmother, I am worried about the future. Twenty percent of election workers are considering quitting because many have been threatened.

False information is causing some people to organize and attack workers who were just doing their job to make sure the elections are held fairly. There is no reason to believe that the 2020 elections were not open and fair, yet many workers have been attacked and would rather quit than continue.

These people can be replaced by people who assume the election is corrupt and who are willing to take action that could alter the results.

It’s up to us to let friends and family know this could be happening. We must take action to protect election workers. Write letters of support to election workers and be sure to thank them when you vote. If you have the ability, consider participating yourself. Democracy is not self-evident.

Terry ColeNaperville

In November, I vote for candidates who will protect my freedom.

Freedom to make decisions about my own body.

Freedom to attend a celebration without worrying about getting shot.

Freedom for my children to learn American history at school, to have access to the books they choose to read, and to spend time practicing math instead of confinement exercises.

Freedom for the people I love to marry whoever they love.

Freedom to exercise my right to vote without hindrance or misinformation.

The freedom to breathe clean air, protect our natural resources and leave a better planet for our children.

Ensuring these freedoms means voting for Democrats in every ballot.

That means re-electing U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth and U.S. Representative Sean Casten near the top of the ballot to codify women’s reproductive rights, pass common sense gun safety legislation, and reinstate the Voting Rights Act.

That means voting in court races that are at the bottom of the ballot box and seating exceptional Judge Mary Kay O’Brien on Illinois’ highest court.

It’s about voting for climate leaders, whether they’re the state officials who helped enact Illinois’ groundbreaking Climate and Fair Jobs Act or county officials, like DuPage County Forest Preserve District Council Chairman Dan Hebreard, who has helped oversee major solar projects, acres of open space restoration, and the #1 alternative fuel fleet in the United States

It re-elects DuPage County Clerk Jean Kaczmarek, who has worked diligently to make voting simple, safe and accessible.

It’s supporting other wonderful Democrats; too many to list here, but all work for the right reasons. For you. For me. For freedom.

Elly Kafritsas, Downers Grove

I recently heard on the news that a 3rd grade teacher at Elmwood School in Naperville District 203 in Naperville was teaching 8 year olds how to paint their nails during teaching time.

The last 2019 Illinois state evaluation of Elmwood School before COVID-induced remote learning reported that 30% of Elmwood students did not meet expected standards for 3rd graders for language arts and mathematics.

Given how many students have fallen behind because of remote learning since then, we need to take teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic seriously. These skills are the basis for future success.

It can be taught alongside “Character Counts”. Treating each other with respect and kindness will go a long way to ensuring an environment that fosters a positive learning environment for all.

Naperville property owners who live in District 203 pay 75% of their overall property tax bills to the District. We must work together to bring our children’s skills to where they are expected.

Linda Kuhn, Naperville

If you build it, they will come! This seems to be the thinking of many leaders in our country, state and local governments.

Their response to the unbearable carnage of the devastating mass shootings is that if the gunmen in Uvalde, Highland Park, Buffalo, etc., had had sanity support, these terrible shootings would not have happened. They seem to think that if you provide a service or a program, these people with mental health issues will magically seek treatment and be healed.

Naperville Sun

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The sad reality is that many people who need mental health help think they don’t need it, refuse to get it, or can’t/cannot devote the time and effort needed. Only in extreme cases can you force someone to get mental health help.

There is also evidence that some of these gunmen were known to have mental health issues and some even received help. So much for the thought that we just need more mental health resources and programs.

Mental health resources could be part of the solution, but it is by no means immediate. Banning assault rifles and large capacity magazines would have a more immediate impact. If they are banned, at least the people who intend to do so much harm to innocent people will not have access to these weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, they may still be able to obtain other types of guns.

L. Zdon, Naperville

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