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BASKING RIDGE, NJ, August 22, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The biggest challenge for many healthcare provider organizations remains: How do you get constant visibility into the key variables that impact costs, quality and results? And then, how can you “tune the dials” to tune them? SupplyCopia invites AHRMM21 attendees to discover a new solution that paves the way for efficient management of their unique CQO variables, based on the results of a total knee replacement initiative at McLeod Health at Florence, South Carolina.

For decades, healthcare leaders have openly discussed the challenges they face due to poor quality and inconsistently identified data in disparate systems, and the inherent gaps between clinical and supply chain teams. . At AHRMM21, SupplyCopia will launch a solution that addresses legacy data issues hampering bottom line in cost, quality and bottom line. The solution aligns technology, processes and teams: an integrated platform brings together vendor data sets, applies proprietary technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning, and delivers actionable insights through a dashboard. personalized perioperative edge. “This is where users not only see and understand their current results, but they can also ‘tune the dials’ and make adjustments that impact their CQO performance,” said Ashok Muttin, CEO and Founder of SupplyCopia .

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At Monday 23 August, of 11:30 AM12:30 am HC, AHRMM21 attendees can join a cross-functional discussion focused on a recent CQO initiative. In “Measuring CQO: A Real-World Case Study in Collaboration Between Supply Chain and Surgical Teams,” panelists, including clinical and supply chain leaders from McLeod Health, will review their lessons from the recent program, which is focused on McLeod’s line of total knee replacement services. . This session will highlight the roles played by each panelist during this collaborative initiative, the obstacles identified and overcome, and how their work resulted in a new CQO methodology. Panelists will share lessons learned from their respective fields and discuss ideas to help participants start or improve their own CQO journey.

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To learn more about the new solution that helps supplier organizations understand and adjust CQO variables – or just to find out what’s new in SupplyCopia – AHRMM21 attendees can visit booth 503. Attendees wishing to book a meeting in advance can do it before the event at

The SupplyCopia team will be on hand to discuss its wide range of solution offerings, including the new CQO solution including Perioperative Dashboard, New Integrated Preference Card Management Solution, Virtual Item Master of SupplyCopia and other components within the supply chain ecosystem.

“So much has happened since we last met in person,” Muttin concluded. “We are delighted to share new developments, progress and ideas with the participants of AHRMM21, and wish everyone a safe journey to Nashville. Please note that the new AHRMM safety protocols have been updated. “

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