Teachable Moments – Stanford University Athletics

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Stanford’s No. 8 hosted the Pac-12 Invitational this weekend, hosting Boston University’s No. 11, Northeast’s No. 9, Wisconsin’s No. 15, No. 7 from Syracuse, No. 18 from Oregon State, No. 3 from California and No. 2 from Washington. in Redwood Shores.

The invite gave Pac-12 conference members and other top national competitors the opportunity to race against foes unknown. The Cardinal battled No. 7 Syracuse, No. 9 Northeastern and No. 15 Wisconsin throughout the weekend, piloting both his Varsity Eight and Second Varsty Eight boats. Stanford had two wins in the six races, beating Northeastern’s second-place varsity eight with a time of 5:55.73 and passing Wisconsin’s varsity eight by just 0.34 seconds.

“Unfortunately we didn’t have the practice week, nor the race weekend we intended to have,” the head coach noted. Ted Sobolewski. “We had a few key athletes ill earlier this week and we weren’t able to build momentum through our training. That said, I don’t ultimately think our lack of preparation materially changed the results. “Northeastern and Syracuse were the fastest teams, and Wisconsin gave us one of the best races of the weekend.”

Speaking in more detail about the program’s efforts throughout the weekend, Sobolewski noted that the Cardinal “was able to build a little momentum in each of the eight varsity races,” recording slightly better races each time all eight varsity boats ran. hit the water.

Sobolewski noted that “the program’s second varsity eight (boat) had a great win to start against Northeastern, but struggled a bit in the windier conditions Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.” Ultimately, the men’s rowing coaches are hoping to “take away a ton of information from the weekend…to have a renewed understanding of the work (the program) needs (are) to do to gain momentum before the championship is over.” the season. .”

Stanford hits the road for its next taste of the competition, meeting Oregon State’s 18th in Dexter Lake on April 16.


Coxswain: Elysia Smyers
8: Flynn Trager
7: Travis Senf
6: Pierre Chestnut
5: James Wright
4: Henry Stewart
3: Ben Felter
2: Jacopo Mascitelli
1: Nick Mayhew

Coxswain: Valeria Gonzalez
8: Scott Buzard
7: Tyler Baumann
6: Nick Woehrle
5: Alec Walter
4: Joey O’Brien
3: James Fetter
2: Tibor Thompson
1: Paul Gorca


Stanford: 5:55.73
Northeast: 5:59.45

Stanford: 5:49.22
Northeast: 5:41.53

2V8 against Syracuse
Syracuse +15.0

V8 vs. Syracuse
Syracuse +8.2
*margins used due to discrepancies in timing of officials*

2V8 vs Wisconsin
Stanford: 6:03.67
Wisconsin: 5:55.47

V8 vs. Wisconsin
Stanford: 5:41.61
Wisconsin: 5:41.95


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