The Truth About Jordan Addison’s Thought Process


USC? Texas? Alabama? Maybe even a turnaround and a return to Pittsburgh? We’re all waiting for Jordan Addison, an elite receiver who will instantly boost any offense he joins, to reveal his decision on the transfer portal.

Many people suspected Addison had already decided to join USC a few weeks ago when rumors swirled about a pre-arranged NIL deal. Those rumors were exactly that: rumours. This was certainly not a situation that Addison had been maneuvering behind the scenes and was going to head to USC as soon as her entry into the portal was made official on Tuesday, May 3.

This does not happen.

We are a week and a half away from May 3, and still nothing has happened in this drama. Addison worked with Alabama Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Bryce Young. He explored the University of Texas as a possible landing spot. An actual decision, however, has not emerged.

If anyone thinks Addison has already made up his mind privately, let’s make one thing clear: There’s no benefit to Addison delaying the campus entrance process, fitting into his new football program, and learn a new offensive system. If he’s going to play this fall, he benefits from learning a new offense right away and the chance to bond with new teammates.

We discussed this and related points with Mark Rogers on the Voice of College Football.


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