Urologists share latest developments in prostate cancer research


NEW ORLEANS, May 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Can a plant-based diet improve prostate cancer outcomes? What are the latest emerging diagnostic modalities and active surveillance trends in prostate cancer? Are there any benefits to penile traction therapy (PTT) in men after prostatectomy?

Researchers will present the results of these prostate cancer studies at 117and Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA). Natasza Posielski, MD, Fellow of the Society of Urologic Oncology at Virginia Mason Franciscan Health at Seattlewill host a press session featuring the following four abstracts at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans on May 15, 2022to 9:00 a.m..

Landon TrostMDfrom the Male Fertility and Peyronie’s Clinic, evaluated the effectiveness of penile traction therapy in preventing loss of penile length and erectile dysfunction in men after prostatectomy.Effectiveness of RestoreX Penile Traction Therapy in Improving Penile Length and Erectile Function After Prostatectomy

Matthew CooperbergMDof University of California, San Francisco, investigated the need to improve and standardize both the uptake and quality of active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer. “Active Surveillance of Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: Temporal Trends and Variation in the AAU Quality Registry (AQUA)

A systematic review of plant-based diets and prostate cancer was conducted by Natasha Guptadoctor, of NYU Langone Health. “Systematic review of the impact of a plant-based diet on prostate cancer incidence and outcome

Michael DaneshvarMD, from the National Cancer Institute sought to use a deep learning detection and classification system to automatically assess lesion dynamics on multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) of patients under active surveillance. “Deep learning-based assessment of prostate lesion dynamics on multiparametric MRI during active surveillance

“Many exciting developments in prostate cancer research are being showcased at this year’s AAU Annual Meeting with abstracts ranging from the effect of penile traction therapy on post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction to possible benefits of a plant-based diet on oncological outcomes,” said Dr. Posielski. “We also continue to see important work on emerging diagnostic modalities as well as active surveillance trends in United States.”

About the American Urological Association: The 117and The annual meeting of the American Urological Association takes place May 13-16 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Founded in 1902 and based near Baltimore, Maryland, the American Urological Association is one of the leading advocates of the specialty of urology with nearly 24,000 members worldwide. The AAU is a leading urological association, providing invaluable support to the urological community in pursuit of its mission to promote the highest standards of urological care through education, research and health policy formulation.

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