UTSA Forms Transition Team to Support Southwest Campus | UTSA today | UTSA


The transition team will be in place on the South West Campus over the next few months. Each week, representatives from key service areas will be available on a rotating basis to answer questions, provide guidance and work directly with individuals to ensure progress towards the university’s ambitious vision.

Representatives from the College of Liberal and Fine Arts, People Excellence, Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE), Campus Services, Public Safety, University Technology Services, Facilities and more will provide face-to-face one-on-one counseling and lead workshops on university processes and procedures. Salazar will be the team’s executive director.

“Completing the final terms of our agreement with SSA was an important milestone,” said Salazar. “Looking forward, we have a solid plan to provide support and transition services to actualize our vision to serve as a leader in arts education.”

In addition to the transition team, major infrastructure improvements are underway. Improvements to lighting, technology, parking lots and other facilities are underway to ensure a safe and successful campus experience. Campus visitors will see signage reflecting the campus’s new name, the UTSA Southwest Campus.


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