What collaborative customer accounts really mean for your business


Introducing new ways to solve the AR/customer disconnect to enable accelerated cash flow, more accurate insights, increased efficiency, and a radically improved customer experience.


Many companies have AR processes that are mired in inefficiencies and seek to alleviate the significant pains of wasted time, underutilized talent, and delayed cash flow.

Automation can relieve some of these pains and relieve the manual burdens associated with many of them. But automation alone won’t create new, better processes. It will just automate the existing ones (which tend to be mediocre). Automation will also not solve the communication gap that currently exists between AR departments and their customers (AR disconnect). This lack of connection with customers leads to manual efforts and delays for customer accounts, making the bill-to-collect process difficult for buyers and suppliers.

When collaboration is resolved, AR practices become significantly more effective. Moreover, when the right tools are in place, AR can become a key lever to support business growth.

During this session, you will learn to:

  • Work closely with your clients in real time on the cloud to dramatically improve AR efficiency
  • Process digital payments while encouraging your customers to easily and securely pay online using their preferred payment methods
  • Meet the needs of your customers by invoicing them on all channels according to their preferences
  • Automate your collections efforts, build better relationships with your customers and end inefficient activities

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