Why creating safe and happy environments is important for the 2021 school year



The 2021 school year has officially arrived, whether you are preparing back-to-school adjustments and supplies or already have a young person who is currently enrolling in college.

We called Becky Pringle, president of the nation’s largest union, the National Education Association, to discuss the upcoming school year and the precautions to be taken to maintain a safe learning environment.

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Some of the topics Alfredas and Ms Pringle touched on while Russ was away included mask warrants in schools and universities, how those who are eligible to get vaccinated can protect students who are not yet vaccinated, and most importantly the role of emotional well-being in boosting the morale of returning students. On this last point, Pringle says: “[students are] excited to be together and we want to make sure we create an environment that brings them joy and allows them to learn.

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