With $ 17.3 million in funding awarded for 73 grants, faculty at the College of Education set a record for the number of grants awarded in a single year in 2020-2021



NC State College of Education faculty and staff, including the Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research and the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, received 73 new grants from external sources in the 2020-21 academic year, for a total of $ 17,320,883. The number of grants awarded in the past year is the highest total amount ever awarded to faculty and staff of the College of Education in a single year since records were kept.

In 2020-2021, the college also reported $ 18 million in research spending. Over the past five years, research spending at the College of Education has increased 39%, the largest five-year increase among all colleges in the state of North Carolina.

“As the world continues to face unprecedented public health, environmental, social and economic challenges, grants awarded to our faculty underscore their continued commitment to solving some of the most pressing educational issues. in North Carolina and across the country, â€NC State College said. by Dean of Education Mary Ann Danowitz. “Our talented faculty engage in high impact research projects and initiatives that increase the educational success of all learners while transforming the practice of teaching, learning and leadership throughout life. . “

Grants awarded to faculty and staff in 2020-2021 enable them to develop new and innovative ways of approaching STEM education, connecting under-represented groups to essential services, improving teaching and learning. learning and filling gaps in access to technology, among other areas of impact.

Here are some examples of grants awarded in 2020-2021:

> $ 1.1 million NSF CAREER Fellowship awarded to Assistant Professor KC Busch, Ph.D., to develop theory and test measures to measure science learning at the community level through social media. Busch will quantitatively measure the characteristics of community organizations in three North Carolina coastal communities that must make scientifically informed adaptation decisions to combat the effects of sea level rise with the aim of determining how science culture at the community level is developed.

> $ 2.5 million from the John M. Belk Endowment to the Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research to develop teaching and learning centers and establish a statewide professional learning program at community colleges in North Carolina . The centers will help community college faculty discover, adopt, test and scale evidence-based strategies that increase equitable student success outcomes while helping community college leaders develop and execute. a comprehensive strategy to improve excellence in teaching and learning.

> $ 699,244 The United States Department of Education’s IES Research Training Programs in Special Education Early Career Fellowship awarded to Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson, Ph.D., to strengthen advocacy and increase l access and use of services among black families of autistic children. The project will develop and test the promise of its existing parent training intervention Fostering Advocacy, Communication, Empowerment and Support which will be delivered by community parent educators.

> $ 369,512 funding from the North Carolina Department of Public Education supported the Home Learning Initiative to fill learning gaps across the state for students who do not have access to stable Internet connections. The project facilitated the creation of PreK-5 literacy and mathematics courses, led by the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, as part of the Distance Learning Initiative. The lessons reached over 30 million homes statewide via the free public television channel PBS NC and were made available for free on YouTube.

With nearly three-quarters of grant professors active and engaged in 121 externally funded research projects totaling over $ 85 million, the NC State College of Education is at the pinnacle of research productivity. in education in North Carolina and among the top 6% of all educational colleges nationwide.



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